Bad Rain


Look into my eyes
You won't see them telling lies
See the trouble see the trials that surround me
Strain shows on my face
Its one thing time can't erase
Another catches, another chase
Hell has found me
Oh god knows that I've tried
Oh I'm filled with the lies
Of dreams that have died.

It's like a bad rain
Bad rain
It's like a bad rain
Bad rain
Like a bad, bad rain
Coming down on me.

Why do I carry on?
Now that all my hope is gone
To the limit and beyond
What am I proving?
Yet I have no choice
Like some disembodied voice
Ain't got nothing to rejoice
My life's in ruin
Oh the end's in my sight
Oh don't matter who's right
I'm losing the fight.

If you could see the things I've seen
Do what I've done, be where I've been
Then you could feel the pain I feel
I won't give in, I will never yield
So let it flow
Let if flow.

Look into my face
These battle scars state my case
I've run an uphill race
I'm not defeated.

Just try and knock me down
I'm a king without a crown
Out of way, I'm taking ground
I won't be beaten.

I'm like a bad rain...

I'm like a bad bad rain
Coming down on you.