The Iron Road


You saw the beast of thunder
Felt it's deadly speed
Never were you so alive
The spell that you were under
You feld you spirits need
Had to ride that iron horse.

Broke through stony mountain
Laid that gleaming rail
Suffered through the worst of times
Pestilence abounded
Your spirit never fails
Worked until your body cried.

So go on my friend
You fought for the right
You lived by the rules
So when will it end
Through hunger and blight
Through rain, snow and night.

It's the iron road
That leads you on
But in the end
All of your hope is gone
It's the iron road
That brings you pain
And in the end
The iron road will reign.

As the years grew endless
You saw your demons breed
Gave into the darker side
Driven to obsession
To satisfy your need
Had to ride that iron horse.

Oh why my friend
Men died in the night
You fought for their tools
So when does it end
You crawled for your dream
You stole, lied, and schemed.

At last the days upon you
You'll ride those gleaming rails
Climb aboard the iron horse
Its majesty alludes you
It's ceremony pales
All you fell is cold remorse.

Oh ride my friend
So driven by spite
You broke every rule
Oh it never ends
You won't be the same
You'll die with the shame