We Are The Dead


Wanna know why you been lying
You made it this way
Our worlds in decay
Can't you see we're slowly dying
Now we gotta pay
For your disarray
Did you think no one's discover
Your schemes and your lies
Your cheap alibis
And now like a one night lover
You've thrown us aside
Delayed genocide.

Well take a look in the mirror
And see just what we've become
Could our end be any clearer?
One chance
One choice.

We are the dead we're the one's who heard everything that you said
We are the dead
We live your lies we lay in your bed.

We're so tired of your way of living
You're selfish and cruel
You break nature's rules
Always take, you're never giving
Now we're gonna lose, for your ingratitude.

You're just so vile and heinous
You never care what we need
You've signed our death decree for us
One change
One choice.

Once chance
One choice
One path
One way
One dream
One voice
One hope
Day after, day after, day after day.

Well, surprise, surprise
You're stuck here with us
We're all going down
No fooling around
Well, now we'll see if it makes a difference
It's your turn to cry
Cause we're all gonna die.

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