You're A Heartbreaker


You better go
Hear what I say
Girl your endless lies bring too much pain
You better run
Cause I'm no fool
Your wicked ways break all loves rules
Oh, why, why, why
Did you say good-bye?
You won't see me cry, cry, cry
I'm not your prey
Oh don't you play.

You're a lover
You're a pleaser
You're a liar, you're a teaser
You're the scourge of love
By god above
You're a heartbreaker.

So, make your move
Don't hesitate
Girl your innocence is second rate
I've had enough
I'm on to you
I don't hear your lies, they're just old news
Oh why, why, why
Did you even try, try, try
You won't see me cry, cry, cry
So go away
Just go away.

Your love's so fine
It preys on pain, plays with my mind
I'm gonna run and hide
Before you get inside
You're nothing new
I know the score
Girl, your sorry kinds been round before
You're more than mean
You're insincere
Girl you take the prize
Bitch of the year
Why, why, why
Did you have to lie, lie, lie
I ain't gonna cry, cry, cry
There's nothing to say
Get our of my way.