Your Sorrow


I live for your pain
I thrive on your tears
I know to blame
I've waited for years
You tried your best to kill me
You gave it all you had
So now your anguish thrills me
I live to see you sad.

I welcome your grief
I love your distress
You bef for relief
I couldn't care less
I've waited years for this day
I counted every hour
I hate you every which way
So sweet your life's gone sour.

Your sorrow
Is my pleasure?
Your sorrow
Is my joy?

So how does it feel?
It's your turn to cry
Your anguish is real
I don't care if you die
You've shown me your true colors
I know the you inside
And now I watch you suffer
You ran but couldn't hide.

Your sorrow
My passion
Your sorrow
Is my way?

Your sorrow
Is so thrilling
Your sorrow
Is my light?
Your sorrow
Soul filling
Your sorrow
Is so right.