I don't wanna be me, I just wanna be free! (2x)

 Going down the ozone, lookin' for a new home
 Tryin' to cope with the madness, future crisis,
 Choked up, I can't breathe.
 Loss of control, what the f**k's wrong with me?
 Paranoia, the levels are dropping.
 Something's dying within my coffin.
 Slave to my own enemy, can't you see?


 Eyes of unreality, notion of consciousness
 Got to get grounded before they come for us.
 Pose for another shot, my thoughts are broken.
 Impending loss is what I'm holding on to
 Got to make my way to the fire that burns my flame.
 King to my own enemy, can't you see?


 I just want to be free.

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