Cummin' Thru Ya F-Kin Block


To the beat y'all
*rat-a-tat drumming sound*
Make it funky (4X)
My nigga Tame             makes it funky
My nigga El               makes it funky
Redman                    makes it funky
Huh, check it out
Verse One: El Da Sensai
I Ego Trip like Ultramag, sag my Girbauds I drag
Competition so listen and raise the white flag
Cause the instructor, of the New Jerz verse dusts
Another motherfucker I discover what no other brother
Can do, hard to handle and to, stamp
I play Tramp like Grace Jones in that movie Vamp
I'm fit to wreck shit, I dip into the skit
Spit lyrics exquisite, blitted as I hit it
I suppose I knows the ways of the pros
Bros be like,