Thorr Valient

earthly bodies won't live on forever
beyond the grave rippers buried in leather we're all 
tempted by the
glory of strangers, we will bask in the sounds of their 
danger oh! well
alright, when the stormstris comes its a box thats 
filled with light
(then it opens up) im not scared, im not
scared, im not scared, im not scared but when the box 
opens up you got 48 hours to solve a puzzle, a
riddle, or everything in yr life will expire (you can 
suck on this)
there's no more gettin high, when a riddle comes from 
the sky, in a box
that can destroy us all, what superhuman can we call?

when the stormstris comes (4x)

December 31st,
i wake up in an earth girls bed screaming, the vision i 
saw was
horrible, how was a man like me gonna save the world?
Can you believe this horseshit?
They're gonna push the red button!
but the stormstris was pure nature....
All thoses deaths were for nothing.
they say the meek will inherit the earth, but what are 
we going to
inherit, what's left?

And i came and i saw the stormstris,
stretched out across the horizen,
no government force could stop it,
no future's gonna come yr way

when the stormstris comes (8x)