Holdin' On To Nothin'

Park Kyle

I'm holdin' on to nothin'
Everything is gone except your memory
It's plain to see

You took all I had to give
Not even a sillhouette of love was left behind
Just the tears I cried

What's the point of hurting me
Is it just to see if I would fall
Well now you know what it's like to see
A grown man cry and feel nothing at all

Now I'm holdin' on to nothin'
Harder than I ever held on to you
What the hell am I supposed to do with a

Broken heart and a crazy mind
With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
It's all that I can do to show these
Feelings deep down inside of me
And I can't seem to set them free
I'm holdin' on to nothin' and I just can't let go

Ever since the night you left
I've been telling myself I'd be alright
Life goes on even though we're through
But I'm still thinking about you and I don't know why

I'm holdin' on to nothin'
Wishing you were in my arms of emptiness
Even though you made me like this with a

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