Better Side Of Me

Modern Day Zero

The sooner that I realize
These scars were never there
I could place the blame on you
And now that I'm alone
The silence makes me feel
You could have your way with me
And you know 
You cried that I wasn't there 
So tell me what you want me 
Even though I know I need to 
Get away 
I wanna make you see 

The better side of me
You turn away and never listen 
Do you see 
The better side of me 
When all these words go right through you 

How could I have known 
By looking in your eyes 
That there was something there for me 
You would love to hide 
Now everything is gone 
So tell me what went wrong 
I guess that we will never know 

Do you see the better side of me 

Now I can place the blame on you