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How Long Can I Resist (Frameshift)

[Rape II - The Assailant] They never see me coming I know their every step I am the perfect hunter They'll fall into my trap You're stronger than temptation You're a better man than that A game we both are playing She doesn't know she's in I count the times she passes by Sitting, waiting, getting closer Can almost feel her skin Will I make her mine How long can I resist No escaping this You'll never control The desire that's in me It's burning my soul It's a fire of envy Don't do anything That you might soon regret 'Cause the mirror must still show A man you can respect A girl's just a pawn A means to an end I don't dare approach Never find a lover - Always find a friend The answer still is no The other day she talked to you No means no - you don't have to It's not a want, I have a need And I can feel it rise Past the point of no return Then it dies Please help me It's taking control of me I can't hold back much longer I must set it free How come this life's a bitch Why can't this break be fixed They always persist Though the thoughts are appealing I cannot resist them The siren is calling Beautiful - I can't escape the pull Unapproachable - I never get too close Horrible - the images I keep Cinema - of filth inside of me Undeniable - my insecurities Chain these hands Before they burn out her light Make it impossible For her to face her life You're stronger than temptation Please don't lose respect Up to my neck Sinking in this quick sand Begging please hear This last call From this desperate man The girl's just a pawn A means to an end And I don't dare approach