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Push The Button (Frameshift)

[War I - Modern War / Impersonal] Caged in metal - my protection Coordinates they read this direction Whatever happened to "Don't fire 'til you see their eyes" New rules, new ways, more questions How can I use my discretion My brothers run by armed and eighteen While I sit here controlled and waiting I'd be the first to trade my button for a blade Battlefields are brought to homes Where children, babies, mothers roam One button wills a game While another one Blows you away I can kill with a finger Can I kill without eyes I can kill on demand Can I kill without why While humanity cries I will kill in a box Will I kill in the streets I will kill my own conscience Will I kill the peace When I push the button in my dreams And you scream Silent screams Corporate Schemes Killing screams Kill a few to save a lot Don't tell me, I know the cause There's no time to make up my mind Army brass breathing down my back In a think tank - life in the abstract We are programmed to attack When this flag goes on the war path I'd rather fight this war with just a blade No more metal sunk into my foe How can tanks go toe to toe I get a medal if you go down in flames Walk away from this fate Where children scream and cry Take a new name Move away from the safe Out to where the bombs fly - I'll pay For my sin - In the state that you're livin' in Don't wait on me let's begin again Let me face the consequence Never gonna hear a soldier cry Unless you're killin' him Still gotta push the button