Beverly Hills Robocop (Gama Bomb)

Supercop from motor city transferred into town Shot to bits and resurrected, out to bring disorder down Leather jacket, shining chrome, cruising down the boulevard He's cold as ice and twice as hard Walking slow and talking wise, An Auto 9 in his Levis You killed me but I came back to life You thrill me so come one, let's party like it's 1985 He has no name, he plays the game Shooting up the party scene Directives four, he knows the score He's half man and half machine State of the art- bang bang! It's not what, it's who you know If you wanna serve the public trust Call 9-1-1 or 9-0-2-1-0 I came to murder Ronny Cox, Ronny Cox is my boss I have no wife, my wife is gone, I'm here to kill Steve Berkoff I'm posing as a journalist working for the OCP You'd buy that for a dollar? Get the fuck outta here! Hands of steel and a cheeky grin, Ferrari wheels and a metal skin Special chair, loves to swear, grieving wife, Back to life OCP, banan-ee, tail pipe gag, Empty mag Arm shot off, likes to scoff, silly laugh, Abandoned gaff Good at shootin', robe- a-lootin', Rolling Stone, No-one's home Baby food, knows the hood, warehouse ruse, Metal shoes Cobra cannon, no right angles, supercop, Cocaine drop Inspector Todd, Clarence Bodd', Judge Reinhold His face is cold Read the rights of rudeness in the first degree Dead or alive, you're coming with me Searching for the sweet narc action hidden in coffee grounds Play it straight, stay outta trouble, Supercop's around Dining out on baby food, I always work alone Microchips and coils of wire replaced my flesh and bone