We Respect You (Gama Bomb)

Sitting in the house, watching High Spirits Steve Guttenberg preparing to rock Sitting on the bus, listening to the Terminator soundtrack Tahnee Cain, solid as fuck Here's looking at you, Michael Biehn When we go drinking, we shout about you Outlining your career, pumping my fist Aliens is amazing, it's true Ronnie Cox is locked on target High-pants women are dancing for him Shooting his cool gun across the years His powers surely will never dim Respecting Chrises Lee Lloyd and Walken And JCVD? Yeah, now we're talkin' Peter Falk can walk the walk, he talks it like it is Bruno Mattei can make our day with his amazing films Titanic skills and shocking styles You're guilty of being cool Razor licks inspired by heroes We respect you A pint with dick donner, kebab with J Fox John carpenter was smashing up the drums We were shouting about John Hughes in the kitchen at some guy's house If you don't like Kurt Russell you're scum Bill Paxton wasn't in Inner Space, but by Christ we wish he was Gary Busey was in Bullet Proof, dare bring him up and we'll cause an awful fuss