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Our Buried Secrets (Dreamshade)

And our tombs, and our buried body, together, silence leaves us dream. Darkness will steal us and it will blind our eyes with its immensity. Victims of eternity, eradicated in the roots, Extirpated with the evil, we are left with no mercy and no sense. We are all and we are nothing, but we are together. Can I trust you? I am losing my soul and I won’t find it. I fight to save my spirit, I won’t stop myself and I won’t limp My destiny is in my hands, I’m the only one who can change it. We will finish something we never started...and we’re blocked in the mystery of our secret. We will finish something we never started...’cause we’re chained by our buried secrets. Someone has given us the chance to live together,but we wasted it. But now it’s too late, we will remain in the silence. The walls are strong, the bottom is deep, will you overcome your fear? I feel you movin’, are you impatient? You are condemned to stay there for eternity!