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Burn Into Your Hell (The Nomad)

Under the azure of mountains blundering eyes Beyond the heads of inclining clouds Striking in wall words pressed with a prayer Pale messiah spoke: I'm The King glorify my name In your songs I'm the only Son of that Father Streams as acrid as wine are flowing pain, despair and fear Thoughts as black as symbol are getting lost - desire, freedom & miracle Hands and words with bitterness are pressing - to their master foots Don't cry when your foots are in thorns I'm yet merciful and paradise is real for you Streams groove the furrows wounded because of cry Scalded by lust priests limp Children are gathered in one basked like fish When I'm hungry bring me your food To my priests' ears When your hearts are in pain Present my altar with humility Effeminate and faded already for ages Rotten and old like the world at your gates Dim and lost in verses of his own strophes Father, aren't you in my voice? Power, aren't you in my hands? Father, Father - heavenly Where is your merciful dog? Was to suffer given to you? Will to suffer given to you? In the name of skeleton and your God Bum in your hell Fry in your pitch Dead is your God Dead and dumb He rotted long time ago!!!