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My Key (The Nomad)

Mind above all and I can't see any gods here Nothing but devilish mutter of nature Mind is first, whirling above dwarfs- I open my soul filled with keys- Open your mind filled with pearls Swollen bones and healthy turbines of intestines They push the blood into the eyes of lust fulfilments Mind above the world and no god was here Nothing but old rags and fairy-tales knocked in children's dreams Mind is a life on the throne of adored body He's a sparking star, defiled by christian slavery Tight mouths send the spells, open they roar with grom of moments Fulfilled with lust I'm raising On wind I'm dancing with him In the dark forest I chase my thoughts Once I got lost here, oh, those bloody days And I remember your lips, now I became him "And I cry from happiness and I howl like a pup and I whimper like a butchered animal. My name is freedom!!! Even in an atheistic call"