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Mr Tembo (Albarn Damon)

Injili, Injili Can I sing with you 'Bout Mr. Tembo and what he's got to do But first I'm going back To the Colworth Road To find the mission And help him with his load R: Mr. Tembo is on his way up the hill With only this song to tell you how he feels But to get there he will need a helping hand It's where he is now but it wasn't what he planned It's where he is now but it wasn't what he planned Injili, Injili We will sing with you Just like the T.V In Mr. Tembo's room Off the emphatic night He checked in on his own At Mkombozi Inn and Made it his home R: Injili, Injili We will sing to you 'Bout Mr. Tembo And what he's going through Gets up early While you are still in bed Mr. Tembo, green blanket by his head R: Hey, you keep those lions off the front of the boat! Good God, man! Have you some cotton in your ears?! I'm trying to run this expedition in a decent manner! Logistics, haulage, golf, bungalows, spires, canals, cows, hay bales Telegraph wires, pylon power Farmhouse over chimneys still used Stone, satellites, football pitches, faded flags and lots of dogs Neon cross on top of a block of flats, and a church, not as usual R: