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My fucking brother (Horkýže Slíže)

F#mi A E F#mi E D A 1. My brother's marriage is now on the rocks. My brother started rolling shitty drugs. One fu*king problem and the secret's out to my amazement he's screwing around. F#mi D A E 2. And now my brother faces the law, faces the law, the law for robbery. Because my brother, my fu*king brother he didn't really win the lottery. A D F#mi E R. He was way cool, he kicked ass stupid fu*king asshole Whiskey, Red Bull, lot of bucks You cannot have it all. He doesn't now his asshole from a hole in the ground When the drug cops cuffed his hands he did not make a sound. F#mi A E D A 3. Dumbass total loser what the fu*k. This little piece of shit is out of luck Life is a greedy bitch and then you die This crazy fu*ker´s life was just a lie F#mi C B A *. Bad boys,bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you