No, I Don't Want Her (Nat King Cole)

No-o-o, I don't want her, So I'll forget her. Forget the love she gave me, Somehow. I've learned my lesson, Don't have to tell me. 'Cause I'm gonna start forgettin', Yes, I'm gonna start forgettin' Right now. Go on, take my share, 'Cause I don't want her. And now, she's gone, good riddance, Goodbye. But what my friends don't know Is that I love her so. And in my lonely room all day, I cry. Go-o on and take her, 'Cause I don't want her. I know I'll find another, Find another Somewhere. No, I don't want her, She's not my kind now. And if she's got somebody else, Oh, really got somebody else, I don't care. To think that my love Could say "Goodbye, love", And leave me here, as low as the ground, But no one knows but me What she means to me, And when I'm by myself, All day I sigh. 'Cause without her... I could lay me down And die.