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A Great Day For Freedom (Pink Floyd)

Cmi 1. On the day the wall came down They threw the locks onto the ground Fmi Gsus4 And with glasses high we raised a cry for G freedom had arrived 2. On the day the wall came down The Ship of Fools had finally ran aground Promises lit up the night like paper doves in flight F R: I dreamed you had left my side C No warmth, not even pride remained F And even though you needed me C G It was clear that I could not do a thing for you 3. Now life devalues day by day As friends and neighbours turn away And there's a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone 4. Now frontiers shift like desert sands While nations wash their bloodied hands Of loyalty, of history, in shades of grey R: I woke to the sound of drums The music played, the morning sun streamed in I turned and I looked at you And all but the bitter residues slipped away ... slipped away F C F C