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Control Freak (Recoil)

A girl who can't shake off the smell of a man she met but didn't know well She thinks she feels him in her skin She thinks she sees his sideways grin She sees him on the street by chance Follows him as if entranced Gets on a train that he gets on A girl like this she is possessed She sits two seats behind his own, can hear him sigh, a little moan She wonders what he's thinking of as he removes his right hand glove She notices his hand is strange as if the bones were rearranged She thinks of what she'll say to him She hears it playing deep within You're all I need to get high The man jumps to his feet just then Slips out the train and round a bend She almost loses sight of him Shuts her eyes, thinks of his skin She catches up just as he goes into a bar and down below to where cases of wine are stacked There is no light, it's nearly black You're all I need to get high He turns around to face her then his right hand seems to claw the air She doesn't know why she came here She doesn't know what possessed her Sweat's running down her spine But then he breaks into a smile that lights up his whole face And then he starts to laugh and laugh and laugh, And then he says "I've thought about you since that day we met but barely spoke"