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Chaos Corporation (Torture Squad)

nvisible power of manipulation Controlling the masses with fake information IN fact... alienation Vipers in black with evil intentions Bullshit's all that you hear Leaving you living in fear Clear up your mind And the truth you'll find Opinions from the mentally blind No critical sense inside their minds Do you know why? They're ruling a suffering mankind Tendentious words they tell Illusion's as well Hell... in your brain. Their precious domain Manipulators Souls in disguise Give me a reason To be afraid of this chaos Under the sign of evil's dominion Ignorance is this kind of opinion Duality and treason Hidden target on this secret communion Disorder unleashing now Towers are falling down Groundless declarations A silent invasion Dreadful news are driving you crazy Your home became a terrible cage Terror everywhere Fear in the air Death... pulling out the mask And you may be the next Manipulatos Souls in disguise Give me a reason To be afraid... Chaos, chaos, chaos corporation Total chaos!