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Mentality Failure (Oblomov)

Nightfall will enlighten our minds this day Will we ever see again our land in the shine of six suns Deep in my heart I feel the burden of the shapeless dark I can hear their voices but I can't see their eyes We are defenders of the flame We hold the work our ancestors have made Hear our voices hear the book of revelation In the sky you'll see the stars Your finally damnation Six suns will enter into the cave of darkness Age of flames'll affect the earth Set the world in silence You will see... Defenders The flame the work they made Voices Revelation Sky Stars Damnation Six suns The cave The darkness The flame The age The earth The world The silence Living in the world of eternal light There's no chance to damage my mind Now I'm falling into the embrace of the endless dark Time has no meaning at this moment for me Flying through the spiral of expected events First time I feel the night Finally I've lost control over my body Suddenly I can't realize wherever I may roam I've lost my own way Stars put insanity on me With the torch in my hand I like when fire dances I encountered confusing sight I can't remeber days before my eyes Empty wells of my soul Living side society Our work is unknown Observation of the outer space will soon show us more knowledge uncomplete We suppose another sphere universal theory is not the ending view Orbital disrupted something has changed our way Departure from common order can unleash general madness Let us work in peace don't disturb our calm In spite of all the ignorance we are here to warn