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Panta Rhei (Oblomov)

Staring from the hills down to the valleys I see falling leaves, streaming light changes their colours Sun is shining bright through my unsteady mind Just the eagle in the sky is still flying high above my head Clear water is flowing away Cold river is stlill changing Sadness alternates hapiness Memories are fading Rain is falling from the sky Tears are dripping from your eyes Then they will dry and fall again You can feel the wind in your hair Through the misty window I can see Falling flakes of snow onto the ground Atumn is gone again, winter stands before my eyes In all the motions I can see All those signs, you give to me Nothing can be stopped for a while Hear the cry of a little child Hear the lament of an old men Both of them have to die - once again Words of a sad song you can sing Then when you end, you can begin Tenthousand times from begining - again Let me touch the river, which is flowing seemingly slowly around I wanted to try to break all those unknown bounds To stay in a moment, try to stop the time Please I believe it can be at least for a short while Sound of murmur seas, waves of running time Sounds through galaxies, we are drifting around the Sun Wrinkles on our faces grow with each second ( You )can't wash away all traces of age from all around Moments of clarity fills my clearless, blinded mind I believe I can trust at least for a short while (But) my hope is going on I can't see you and your cry is resounding through silence, dancing on the point high above Clouds in the sky are changing their shapeless shapes going astray in the night, apearing in white daylight Power of the fight, causes the evil war Love bring us peace, suddenly it's after the storm Echoes of the past are crossing the way of doom Hearts inside each of us, yearning, breaking every rule Flames are burning future, all is seems so cruel all sorrow and pain will be gone with memories of you