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Ooh! My Head (Valens Ritchie)

Well, well,now,now baby Let's just go all night long Well, on,on,on,on,darlin I just want you-to-go-on more There won't be no tuttie fruiti No lolly pop,cmon baby just Rock, rock, rock Well, now, now, now, now, honey We gonna rock all night Well babe,babe,babe,babe,baby We're just gonna go fine Well on, on, on, on, darlin' Ooh, my head! Well, Bonie Moronie,Peggy Sue yeah! They ain't gonna be around no more Well,on now dit-a-little darlin We just gonna party some more Daylight,I love you darlin Ooh my head! (now let's go) Well now,now,now,now,baby Keep me rockin on an on Well I just reelin' till it's over Oh,just all night long Well,now Ooh my head! Alright,WAIL Rock it out Come on My head is tired!