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Lay Down (Ballad Of Rigoberto Alpizar) (Fisher Jeremy)

I can't say I feel sorry I can't say if I am sad Showed up for work Miami airport Like any God-fearing man We all like to bear witness And believe what we see is true But I was there to protect the freedom shared By the privileged likes of you Let my eye be the jury and the judgment Let my gun be the one to set the score (Chorus:) You will lay down, you will lay down You will lay down you've been warned You will lay down, you will lay down You're guilty for being born Don't look at me for any answers Just like you I am confused I took the life of Rigoberto Alpizar Coz I'm just trained to follow through Let my heart be the part by which you judge me Like the sun in everyone it is pure (Chorus) This is freedom, this is freedom Do you want more? (Chorus)