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King Of New York (Menken Alan)

A pair of new shoes with matching laces A permanent box at Sheepshead Races A porcelain tub with boiling water A Saturday night with the Mayor's daughter! Look at me I'm the King of New York! Suddenly I'm respectable Staring right atcha Lousy with stature Jack: Nobbin' with all the muckety-mucks I'm blowing my dough and going deluxe And there I'll be! Ain't I pretty? (with Jack) It's my city I'm the King of New York! A corduroy suit with fitted knickers A mezzanine seat to see the flickers Snipeshooter: Havana cigars that cost a quarter An editor's desk for our star reporter! Tip your hat! He's the King of New York How about that? I'm the King of New York In nothing flat He'll be covering Brooklyn to Trenton Our man Denton Making the headlines out of a hunch Protecting the weak And paying for lunch When I'm at bat Strong men crumble Proud yet humble. (with Denton) He's (I'm) the King of New York I gotta be either dead or dreaming 'Cuz look at that pape with my face beaming Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it But I was a star for one whole minute! Starting now I'm the King (of New York!) Denton: Ain't you heard? I'm the King of New York! Newsies: Holy cow It's a miracle Pulitzer's crying Weasel? He's dying! Flashpots are shooting bright as the sun I'm one hifalutin' sonuva gun! Don't ask me how Fortune found me Fate just crowned me I'm the King of New (York) Look and see Once a piker Now a striker I'm the King of New (York) Victory! Front page story Guts and glory I'm the king Of New York