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Missing Link (Antifreeze)

I'm working from 9 until 5, I'm working just to stay alive I don't know what's wrong with me I have no clue what you are about to do, I have this thing and it's for you And driving me insane Last night I talked to you for a while, i was intrigued about your style You hammered me away I can't speak clearly I can't think, I thought I was the missing link, That would put together the chain I thought I was your missing link But now I know I was so wrong I thought I was your missing link I'm working from 5 until 1, I'm working just to supply my lungs With all the smoke they need I have no clue when I am going to die, I hope it's when I'm really high So I can jump the plane This plane will take me to your heart someday so then I can be with you In my own little way But please tell me, some day that I can be with you, or kill the missing link