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Eating Noddemix (Young Marble Giants)

Staring at the mirror on the steamy bathroom wall eating a Noddemix As the people are running the highrise starts to fall While she neatly wipes her lips The reporters pick up their pads and pens As they rush to the scene And the cameras wink on the gory views How the Editors agree Putting on her makeup she glances at the clock Next she'll paint her nails The train has collided the driver didn't stop As she slips onto the scales Looking for her car keys she finds them in her shoe Lift the magazine from the floor That long-ago mystery has revealed another clue As she quickly shuts the door Yeah, man, they just pulled over now, And it looks like it's gonna be an all-night job tonight, you know. If you could send a few cars, it would sure help a lot. And I should sip wine in front of the TV tonight Because there's a program I wish you to see. I'll start making a few inquiries already. Ok, that's all for now