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High Life (Mi6)

it's hard to figure out there's too much going on - and you don't, believe me i can't ration-a-lize, the way it all comes round it's so confusing - and it, happens to me everyday somehow i'm wasting my time, hoping i'll find i've got a clue what can i say, get out of my way, and try to understand the things i do the look on your face but i don't, think i can keep up this pace cause we all fall down when we step into the sun break my neck in two try'n to copy what you do we all fall down when we step into the sun cause when it comes around it leaves you lying on the ground now, i can't remember my name but it will come back to me accept me for who i am, high on adrenaline taking chances and i'm feeling pretty good about it now i'm higher than i've been, can you feel it rushin' in i'm burnin up inside and i think i can tell the reasons why it's time i told the truth i hit my head and lost my couthe and i've have never felt the same since that day now i'm ok i might be a little slow in summer sun and winter snow it doesn't matter anyway, i've got my life and vans on