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Lunchbox (Mi6)

you think that i'm not cool hard to deny...what's wrong with me a softer side to compromise it's all i have for my teenage mind it's not the first time that i found all my friends just put me down i had to, force them' to understand that i'm not as, dumb as they think i am now they're still making fun of me miami vice, my favorite show, on so many years ago and sonny crocket was the, man that i hoped i would be i bought the shades and bought the clothes and wore pink pastel colors so i could fit in, with the crowd, what was wrong with me they always seem... when they're around to make it, "a" point, to put me down without a trace, another case, of retro 80's so called friends of mine i am, a burned out loser and i can, pretend, all the pressures that are going through my mind, i'm still captain geek divine now once again, i've been, the subject of my own joke played on me i cannot lie, i grew a mullet to comply with all the fads that, everyone would try like tab one calorie and i would do most anything, to gain a friend or just be seen as a member of the in crowd, don't feel sorry for me