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Collapse (G-Unit)

Now don't think i wont hit you cus im popular,got a 3 ninety rouge gonna pop at ya, Catch ya slippin gonna give ya what i got for ya, A clip loaded with 16 shots for ya, You never had a Hot gun on your waist or blood on your shoe,Cus a nigga went and Said the wrong shit to you,Homie you aint been through what ive been through,Your not like me and Im not like you, Im like a animal really when i spit it it's crazy,Got semi autos that put holes in niggas tryna play me, One shot is not anough what you need is a uzzi to move me,After 4 bottles of Don kid start feeling Woozy, I write my life you wrtie what you see in gansgta movies,Im gangsta to the core nigga you can't move me, I find my space at the top i got this rap shit locked,I never heard of you you heard of me,I murder you, Spit shelf to ya convertable,Lode this you notice, Rich of poor i will still come through your door,This is raw,Your scared of me,youir not prepared for me,The Kid is back 50 cent, i know you like that,Yeh i know you like that,Green lantern shady records Anger managment tour,HOMIE