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Party Ain't Over (G-Unit)

This is the Unit The mighty mighty mighty Unit This is how we do it Ayy (ayy, ayy) I make the airline and pop to it, N.Y. bop to it No frontin here shorty, niggaz know how I do it For the paper let the gat pop, jackpot Find me trippin, ridin slow through the back blocks Red Coupe switchin lanes, top down, party frame Diamond rangs, diamond chains, diamonds on e'rythang Mo' flows, mo' dough, money come, money go New straps, new clip, stack chips, don't trip Play playa, go hard, stunt nigga, oh God Party ain't never over, niggaz hardly ever sober Different day, same shit, different city, different chick Show you how I do this shit, you notice how I do it kid Bitches recognize when I'm walkin in Smokin that piff, goin where dolphins swim 44-Colt, that's tossin him And that four-do' car is what I'm flossin in (YEAH!) I'm in the black, you in the red You owe your label money, I'm gettin bread Can you feel it, feel it? Nothin can save ya In my purple tag Polo and neon Gators (break it down now!) Bitch play cute, I don't get upset 'Til her ass get a facial and a washin set I'm in a private jet, but before the deal Hoes was like, "He's all right, but he's not ill!" You might see me yawnin, four in the mornin But the party ain't over Then it's back to the crib, to cut shorty that's how we on it The party ain't over Shorty move like you wanna move, work it shorty Gon' do what you wan' do, twerk it for me Now get low, shorty work that back Now get low, yeah just like that Now get low Yeah, they love it when I pop round, doors up, top down Seat back, keep that, motherfuckin glock round Nigga this is my town, my block, my crown My sound, peace to my niggaz on lockdown They don't really want that, they know we get it poppin Six-four droppin, you still window shoppin I'm ridin round rockin, knockin, Rakim Slick Rick, Rick James; big stack, big chains I'm so sicker, the flow liquor, you're broke nigga I toast wit'cha - if ya got a cup Hold your fuckin bottle up, I really want a model but You can get behind the truck, if you swallow nut I'm just playin, unless you gon' do it You put your back into it, the rest is all fluid Don't pull that thing out unless you gon' use it Ain't nobody bleedin, I guess it's all music Shawty the kush still burnin, Aston Martin wheel turnin Higher than Mount Vernon, the passenger she German Bottles is still poppin, clubs is still rockin Feds is still watchin, but fiends is still shoppin I got vitamin water money like I signed a deal How would you feel if you niggaz just got 400 mil' (like me) My bad bitch do her thang in her Vera Wang She let me have a brain, I let her wear my chain I'm on the plane smokin on that Mary Jane Listenin to Trina while she run game on Lil' Wayne My Ten-a-ki' timepiece shinin like a light bulb David Brown t-shirt, dressed just like a thug