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Words (Ador Dorath)

We seduce angels The angel is presumed to be seduced We seduce ourselves We forget about our... and their naturalism They are fiery and wing footed Visit us They reveal secrets Embody in plants and trees We do not mind They have wings... we are glad We like it They also have horns They are picking on us face to face They creep in our sleep and dreams We open our hearrts to obsession Seducing and teasing them They are creeping so still, in quiet The ones that could not be seen Take heed of them Who could you trust in? In them, in us, in me... not in you! The ghost is cogitation The word is the body of a thought Thinking needs a speech Conception calls for word Poison is expected! Words are Angels, winged words Like arrows, like poison The words are the most dreadful of all the angels You have to percieve flawlessly when Angels loses wings