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Motion Sickness (Sky Eats Airplane)

Take aim on treacherous waters. Now comes the feeling of panic and dread. Digital artifacts have replaced the sky. Now hold on tight, and close your eyes. A memory will last you a lifetime. White lace and cigarettes, what an alarming concoction. It picks apart the fabric of my brain. Now it's a simulated excuse, to try and solve the things that I have left unexplained. Through perilous moments, trial and error. We'll try to find another hero for the day. Please don't expect me, know that you shouldn't. To change around my ambidextrous ways. Look to the sky, at the LED lights. They're looking at you. Well my emotions weigh more than diamonds could ever compare. Trust me it's a circumventing issue at last. It's become a maritime nightmare, drifting for days. Inhale for air is salvation. See each day like blinding lights. Breathe deep and know this moment won't be slipping. Won't be slipping. Won't be slipping, always slipping away.