The Alcoholic

Chaos UK

Feel uptight, don't feel right 
Got no money to see me through the night 
Head's spinnin', feel a mess 
Feel my worst, tryin' to act my best 
Got sick on my trousers, got sick on the floor 
Fallin asleep, I'm beginning to snore 
Got to get home, it's the only way 
But I don't know my fucking way 
Cos I'm an alcoholic! 
And I just love the kick! 
I'm dribblin my words, got a glazy stare 
Cos I'm addicted to beer! 
Woke up this morning with the sun In me eyes 
Woke up in the garden, what a surprise 
Half-eaten kebab stuck to my head 
I wish I was asleep in my bed 
Cos now I'm lying here with an aching liver 
In a cold sweat, I'm begging to shiver 
Falling asleep in the trash 
Now I got a nasty rash