Wrecking Ball

Gama Bomb

Another Friday night in trousers tight, no money sense or plan
The demon drink will see you right, scuttered to a man
Not for you the affluence that lies beyond the velvet rope
The chateau in the gutter's your only hope
You had your pints and pissed your kacks
They pulled you by the ear, you couldn't stand your ID off by years

Drinking- ready, willing and able
Sinking- See you under the table

Here's something for you all
Don't fear your beer, just get involved
If you're proud to be inebriate
It's coming straight into your face
Like a wrecking ball

Now the night is young, you're highly strung, you're drinking wine and schnapps
The yuppie life is the only life, you think it's such a laugh
Your nouveau riche and eating quiche, you're cashing in and cooking books
But too much coke is ruining your looks
You rake it in and live in sin
You're playing futures in your prime
You're pissing up on borrowed time

You want the finest cakes, the finest wines,
You want here and now
Just like the bull loosed from the gate
Who wants to have sex with those cows
You'll take the bastard axe to anybody in your way
No matter what the bar tab is you'll gladly pay
Throw yourself into the road escaping this hideousness
Hanging ever since you had your fiftieth

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