Dipping Low (in The Lap Of Luxury)

ZZ Top

   C5                    F5
1. I went around the world
   F5     C5                 F5
   till i found the right spot
   F5     C5        F5
   it was ultra sweet
   F5         C5           F5
   and just a little bit hot

   B5         F5                C5
R: Dippin' low in the lap of luxury
   B5         F5                C5
   dippin' low in the lap of luxury

2. Now if you get down here
   you'll be doin'it right
   yeah, once you got it
   you better hold on tight

R: Dippin' low...

3. Now if you wanna break down
   i'll hold my head up high
   i'm a good mechanic
   i'll go over you in style

R: Dippin' low...

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