It's Only Love

ZZ Top

1. I'm gonna tell ya what it's all about
   sweet thang's try'n' to put me out
   F#5               B5
   she's gone and found herself another man
   B5                F#5
   she's try'n' to let me down as fast as she can

   F#5          E5                B5
R: It's only love it drives me crazy
   B5            E5
   it's only love pretty baby
   baby what you tryin' to do

2. Well after runnin' round a time or two
   I found out only the best will do
   well it's your own fault for lettin' her go
   so maybe now you'll take it slow

3. Well it's all over now but the cryin'
   i keep on payin' the price for my lyin'
   don't let it get you down it ain't nothin' new
   you ain't the only one that it's happend to