I Can't Stay

The Killers

   B                  Gmi       As                     C
1. The emotion it was electric, and the stars they all aligned.
   F                       B Gmi
   I knew I had to make my decision,
   As                   Es
   but I never made the time.
   As                   Es    Es
   No, I never made the time. 
          B           F            Gmi            Es
R: In the dark, for a while now, I can't stay, so far.
           B          Gmi     As          Cmi    F     B
   I can't stay, much longer, riding my decision home. 
2. Exoneration lost his eraser, but my forgiver found the sun.
   And there are twisted days that I take comfort,
   'cos I'm not the only one.
   No, I'm not the only one.    

   F#                     C# As
   There is a majesty at  my doorstep,
   F#                       C#  As
   there is a little boy in her arms.
   F#                             C#  As
   Now we'll parade around with – out game plans,
   F#              F 
   obligations, or alarm. 
R: (2x)

          B     F  Gmi  Es
   In the dark. 

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