Kentucky Avenue

Waits Tom

Eddie graces buick got 4 bullet holes in the side
Charlie delisle sittin at the top of an avocado tree
Mrs stormll stab you with a steak knife if you step on her
I got a half pack of lucky strikes man come along with me
Lets fill our pockets with macadamia nuts
Then go over to bobby goodmansons
And jump off the roof

Hilda plays strip poker
And her mamas across the street
Joey navinski says she put her tongue in his mouth
Dicky faulkners got a switchblade
And some gooseneck risers
That eucalyptus is a hunchback
Theres a wind up from the south
Let me tie you up with kite string
And Ill show you the scabs on my knee
Watch out for the broken glass, put your shoes and socks
On and come along with me

Lets follow that fire track
I think your house is burnin down
The go down to the hobo jungle and kill some rattle
Snakes with a trowel
Well break all the windowa in the old anderson place
And steal a bunch of boysenberrys
And smear em on our face
Ill get a dollar from my mamas purse
And buy that scull and crossbones ring
And you can wear it around your neck on an old piece of

Then well spit on ronnie arnold
And flip him the bird
And slash the tires on the school bus
Now dont say a word
Ill take a rusty nail and scratch your initials on my arm
And Ill show you how to sneak up on the roof of the

Take the spongs from your wheelchair
And a magpies wings
And tie em to your shoulders and your feet
Ill steal a hacksaw from my dad
And cut the braces off your legs
And well bury them tonight in the cornfield

Put a church keey in your pocket
Well hop that freight train in the hall
And well slide down the drain all the way
To new orleans in the fall