Electric Light Orchestra

There she is Im sure I seen her
pushing in the queue to get to the front
join the ladies in my dream
I know that nothing hurts you babe
in my balance in a way


Come and take a ride on my omnibus
we could take you right to the terminus
dont forget your ticket if you want to ride
(catching a ride)
if you want to go inside

Just a dud their hansom falter (?)
harem on a bus flies over the top
lock up your daughters

Just too late to save the day
ring my bell and turn away


Sweet silver meadows
protect us from the rain
please never break
take us to the stars again
hear the ways for every where
see my sleighs win the air

Save the girls upstairs for later
now you wonder if I can manage them all
wrap them up in Christmas paper
tell them they dont have to pay
ring my bell and turn away


Omnibus ride
Omnibus ride