Message From Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth

Psychic TV

Thee Temple strives to end personal laziness and to
engender discipline. To focus thee
Will on one's true desires. In thee belief, gathered
from experience, that this maximizes
and makes happen all those things that one wants in
every area of L-if-E.

Explore daily your deepest desires, fantasies and
motives, gradually focusing on what you would LIKE
to have happen in a "perfect world", a "perfect situation",
taking away ALL restrictions and "practical"
considerations. What you would REALLY want.

Then decide totry and do it.
Thee mere visualization of that true goal, your true
Will, begins thee PROCESS that makes it happen.

Clean out thee trappings and debris ov compromise, ov
what you've been told is reasonable for a person in
YOUR circumstances. Be clear in admitting your REAL
desires. Discard all irrelevancies. Ask yourself, who
you WANT as friends, if you need or WANT to work,
what you want to eat, what sexuality you REALLY need
to pursue. Check and re-check everything deeper and
deeper, more and more precisely to get closer and
closer to, and ultimately, integrate with, your real
SELF. Your INDIVIDUAL. Once you are truly focused upon
your SELF internally, thee external aspects ov your
L-if-E will fall into place.
Skeptics will say that they simply don't believe this
Psychic PROCESS works. But it does.