Nostalgic Idealization


 Help me to forget what I miss
 Here I don't want to see
 More these days are not my bravest ones

 These days seem so abandoned to me
 Still the same words but with another melody
 Shades're becoming cold
 Maybe I dreamed
 Father why have you left me here alone in this darkest times
 Take me back home
 Childhood's disapearing in the haze of the years
 I can see just smiles but no wrath and no tears
 On the wings of yesterday I'll fly through the blue
 Let me hear the music again
 I don't want the new one take me back there
 Where the grass is green
 Take me where the ocean shines by the crystal clear
 Where deep blue fills the sky and rain is tender stroke
 Where hapiness and harmony dwell in it's early form
 Kill this cursed moment
 Take me back in time
 From the burning presence
 Where the sun darkly shines
 Will the future change these days into the shining light?
 Will everything ever be the same as my memories remind me bright?
 I hold your hands again in mine
 They are cold like a stone
 Ardent embace distances with the voice in the wind
 I hear it cry