Wishing The Renaissance


I was not born for suffering and hatred,
 no need to kneel before the cross
 I shift aside the curtain from human disgust,
 my voice will reach distant skies

 I see possibility of magic and grace of colours - before me,
 fully supernatural
 I see theater - so ingenious, so wonderful,
 and a man stands there in the center of it all

 They turn upside down denominations of healthy ones,
 lies are for them truth - weakness rules
 On the false ground - they are born from tears of Christ
 Noble morality makes them pain in their brains

 I want to see whole universe - so deep, and shining stars,
 Walk through nature, feel the life in my veins
 I would like to explore new spaces, my heart is longing for,
 Deprive of chains, sit on the throne of Golden Age

 They created poverty and introduced sins for the weak ones,
 to enlarge theirselves in their poor faith
 Cross as a sign for the most vicious conspiracy,
 I'll make you see all that evil

 Triumph of beauty, victory of grace
 Rays of the Sun light up the gallery
 Pleasure of senses in embrace of flowers
 Beatrice stands by my side
 Garden is open, let enter my friend
 Sail round all knowing - fill the blank
 You are their enemy, you soil their white dress
 Antique spirit - honour and pride

 Roman's bells chime fast, inquisition on the march
 Broken harmony, unleashed hell, withering blossoms, dying hope
 Fallen noblesness, in a dark abyss, perversion rules the world
 I know it, I see, fortune and power, nothing else,nothing more
 distorted memories, so far to the destination,
 all is just an evil dream of the god's creation

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