Too much monkey business


Running to and fro
hard working at the mail
never fail in the mail
yet come a rotten deal.
Too much monkey business
too much monkey business
too much monkey business
    D7                A  E7
for me to be involved in.
Salesman talking to me
trying to run me up a creek
say you can buy it, go and try it
you can pay me next week.
Blond-haired, good-looking
trying to get me hooked
want me to marry get a home
settle down write a book.
Same thing every day
getting up, going to school
no need in me complaining
my objection's overruled.
Pay phone something's wrong
dime gone will mail
I ought to sue the operator
for telling me a tale.
Been to Yokohama
been fighting in the war
army bunk, army chow
army clothes, army car.
Working in the filling station
too many tasks
wipe the windows check the tires
check the oil dollar gas!
Too much monkey business ...