Savage Circus

Grey is the sky and cold is the wind 
Shadows dancing inside of my room 
Make them go away 
Leave me alone 

Endless days and lonely nights 
In solitude, removed from the world 
That surrounded me 
Feel like I'm fading away 

Fading away 

Sometimes I wish I could dive just in 
One of those fairy tales 
A world full of secrets and magic 
So many wonders to unveil 

Send me a child 

On the tale of a falling star 
On the quest for Tomorrowland 
I close my eyes and I make a wish 
Bring me home to Tomorrowland 

Tired and weakened I barely exist 
Seeing the world through a blurry mist 
Let me go 
I want to be in that distant land 

Where I'd be riding on a white horse 
Saving my princess from harm 
I'll be a hero courageous and bold 
Holding her in my arms 

I'd be the golden knight 
At gallop I'd come along 
I would be racing the winds 
I would be strong 

Once upon a time 

Now darkness is falling down 
By the break of dawn I'll be gone 

My touch is now cold 
But I'm not afraid 
I'll be on the way 
The way to escape 
I'm hearing the hoof beats 
My armour will shine 

Once upon a time