How to Write a Love Song

The Axis of Awesome

Baby Girl, I wanna show you how much I really love you
How much I really love you
Baby Girl, That's what I call you to show you that my love for you is true
Baby Girl, my love is so great that I wrote you this song
and to show you how much I really care it sounds like every other one

The beat kicks in and then I sing a bit more rhythmically
To make it sensual I sing it in a minor key
I move my hands like I'm pushing someone in front of me (get out of my way)
Now that's the first verse and now I'm gonna take it to the bridge

I say something 'bout how I dont wanna break up
then I turn around and rhyme it with make up
I tell you that we should be together
How Long, Forever
That's Long, and Ever
So Long
Girl you're always in my heart (In my Heart)
and I never wanna be apart (Never be apart)
Honey you'll always be mine (Baby be Mine)
Baby girl it's chorus time

This is how you write a love song
Yeah this is how you write a cliche love song
This is how you write a love song
Yeah a shitty 90's R n' B love song

This is my backup and he sings quite breathilly (Breathilly)
He takes the words I sing and sings them after me (Sings em after me)
He emphasises words and sings emphatically (I SING EMPHATICALLY)
Now listen to us singing acapella harmony

Now we're back at the bridge
I haven't written anything for this
So. I'm. gonna. stretch. out. the words.
repeating everything i say
Til I get, Til I get
Til I get, Til I get
Til I get, Til I get
Yeah Til I get back to the chorus

This is how you write a love song
Yeah a shitty, shitty, shitty, shitty love song
And to show you I care I throw my hands in the air
And cut the music while I sing a long noooooooote

Hey girl I've been standing at the back not doing much for this song
But that's because my talents are quite limited
But that don't mean that I love you any less
In fact it means the opposite (Im just showing off my voice)
It's just that it's so hard for me to find the words
To really express the way that I feel about you girl
Especially when I have to worry about fitting those words to music
And there's some kind of rhyme structure involved (Meaningless Whisper)
I know it's lazy song writing but I dont care
Cos I sleep on a big pile of money at night
girl You might think it's weird girl
that there's three guys singing about just one girl girl
But let me tell you something girl it's not weird at all
In fact girl It's an industry standard
and it happens all the time (Happens all the time)
Well girl I better wrap this up about now cos I'm about to get cut off by..

Baby I wrote you a love song
It wasn't hard and it really didn't take long
A totally generic love song
Yeah really this could be about anyone, but it's for you
yeah this is your love song, Non-Specific girl
To let you know we take it seriously
Then watch as we change the key
When you change the key in a love song
It means you're singing passionately
but we still haven't reached the end
now were gonna go and change the key again
Look at me I'm singing a love song
Yeah anyone can sing a shitty love song
Our love is so unique
That I copied every other shitty love song