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Horrify Through Self-destruction (Massemord)

and laughing at the chains im the first one who voluntarily submits to her will because this love blooms in humiliation and in self-mutilation i cannot express because her filthy womb demands a greater sacrifice then a handful of silver coins then a handful of everything in effable pain i'm squeezing in my hands my putrid brain though there is not enough strength to extract out of it just another poisonous drop which may infect at least one additional life with cracking white shell upon my face each neuron crumbles and each cell withers i do not know myself anymore neither my own memories i see only fingerprints, horror and ashes i see cut face which fragments i collect and 'cause i'm unable to cut with them a throat of mine (or the throats of best others) again i'm throwing them aside i scrape a mask from my face, a wreath of pink slices of dead meat revealing all the bruises, scars and abscesses depicting a map of my anatomy and i a dead of the world won't tell you anything beyond the ruin of my life the ruin of my life!